Transformative Explications is a blog that explores my thoughts on literature and creative writing as well as, periodically, observations on technology, open source software, and more. It’s also the base for my work as a communications consultant.

Transformative Explications brings together my technology blogging from my RandM Thoughts blog, and my thoughts on literature and creative writing from an earlier incarnation of Transformative Explications (I liked the name so I kept it for this version). All of the posts from both blogs have now migrated and merged into this single (new) blog.

  • Technology and Open Source Software

Between 2006 and 2013, I blogged at RandM Thoughts on technology and open source software, the latter spurred on by my time working with OSS Watch, the UK national advisory service on free and open source software for further and higher education.

  • Creative Writing

Between 2009 and 2013, I blogged about fiction, creative writing, and related concerns at Transformative Explications. More recently I included selected book reviews that I also post on LibraryThing.

  • Consultancy

Whether you need help crafting your key message, constructing principled policy, or reassessing your communication strategies, I offer a unique blend of ideas and experience that can help you reach your goals.

Communications helps build community. Your constituency may be national or international. It may be confined to your staff, colleagues and co-workers. I bring experience from each of these realms to help clarify your objectives and build a successful strategy.

If you would like to discuss ways in which I might help, please contact me. View Randy Metcalfe's profile on LinkedIn