Consultancy – setting up a website

Does it count as consultancy if it is for your brother-in-law and you are doing it for free? I suppose it does.

Kathy mentioned that Roy and Kereny might like some help setting up a site to promote Kereny’s business, Mexico Rico. I would definitely like to help, if I can. I have set up sites for myself in the past, but I’m no expert.

The site needs to be registered in Canada since Mexico Rico is based in Hamilton, Ontario. I have checked on the domain name that Kereny would like and it appears to be available. Next up – find a suitable webhosting company and then set up an initial page for the site. On the former, I am looking at

I need to set up the site in such a way that Roy and Kereny can take over management of it. This, despite the fact that neither have much experience with writing websites. So things need to be straightforward – which is good because those are just the kind of websites I prefer.

I will also want to stick to using free and open source software. Not just because it is the right thing to do. But also because I will need to provide software for Roy and Kereny’s management and further development of the site. If I provide them with open source tools, at least I know it will not cost them anything, and I can ensure that I will have exactly the same software available to me so that I can give them ongoing support with the software they are using.

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