In the news

It’s always a little embarrassing when you find yourself in the news, Public sector catches wikimania. I was interviewed back in December about OSS Watch’s Wiki. Freelance writer for The Guardian Steve Mathieson was interested in why we had gone down this route and how we were planning to avoid some of the problems Wikipedia was experiencing on trust issues.

To be honest, the interview took place on the day before we left for Canada for Christmas, so I’d largely forgotten about it when I was contacted by the photo desk at The Guardian in January and asked to make myself available for a photo shoot. Get real! But then the article failed to appear in January. So I forgot about it again.

Then yesterday, after a long but enjoyable advisory committee meeting, I found an email in my inbox from Steve letting me know that the article had come out. No photo of me (thank heavens!) but a really nice piece. Good for OSS Watch, good for JISC (our funders), good for Oxford University (I think).

Still, a little embarrassing though 🙂

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