This and that and a bit of LUG

Last night I attended my local Linux User Group (LUG) monthly meeting for the first time in over a year. The KWLUG is reasonably active and very good about arranging a talk most months. I have not been very good about getting out to them. For some reason the first Monday of every month (displaced this month due to Labour Day) I have found myself with other commitments or travelling to distant lands. This month the meeting was held at a venue within walking distance of home and, as my other commitments have lessened of late, I was determined to attend. I am glad I did. Khalid Baheyeldin gave a two-hour presentation on The Apache Web Server which was delightfully comprehensive without getting bogged down in esoteric matters. There were more than 30 people in attendance, which speaks well for the health of this LUG.

Members of the LUG are active at numerous events, with mention last night of Ohio Linux Fest and the forthcoming Ontario Linux Fest. The latter is on Saturday, 24 October, and is being held just down the road (in Canadian terms) in Toronto. I shall have to see about getting out to that. And this reminds me that FSOSS 2009 can’t be far off as well. Indeed, it will be held on 29-30 October at the end of what is being billed as Toronto Open Source Week.

But up first are the activities taking place in many, many places on Saturday, 19 September, as part of the Software Freedom Day celebrations. Of course members of my local LUG are busy with a slate of talks and demonstrations for the day, all taking place at The Working Centre under the event theme Working as If People Mattered.

It’s great to see that FOSS is alive an well in the region. I hope to get more stuck in to the local scene in future.

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