Public reading – Words Worth Hearing

Two nights in Waterloo, two nights of public readings. The second, hosted by Words Worth Books, featured three well-known writers: Catherine Gildiner, Michael Crummey, and Karen Connelly. It was a highly entertaining evening well worth the $10 admission. All three are brilliant public speakers. Connelly’s politically charged memoir of love on the Burmese border was as delicately sculpted as it was heartfelt. Gildiner was hilarious with tales of box ‘media’ stores in the USA where she has to explain to staff what a ‘reading’ is and many practised insights into the nature of the disaster that is the teenage female personality. Crummey was charming and his tale of Newfoundland ‘way, way back’ brought the evening to a rousing close. After such an evening, I cannot imagine anyone who would not be delighted to read any book by one of these writers.

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